Hwy 53 Beer Label and Carrier Design

Speakman Studios Logo smallA logo, label, and carrier design for a local brewery and tavern known as Highway 53. The name came from the tavern which has 53 beers on tap, the highway logo is placed on an old 1953 Chevy truck with beer kegs in the back. The truck sits on a barley field to tie back to the beer aspect with an image of an old American barn on the side. The old weathered of wood look was repeated in the carrier handle and in the bottle neck wrap around label. The beer carrier design had to be modified from its original design due to cost restraints so the carrier template was redesigned into two pieces to make it more affordable to print.



The ’53 Chevy logo was divided equally onto 4 beer bottles with the logo redesigned for each image of the truck. When placed side by side they form the full image of the truck.

lspeakman-02 copy.jpg

A sticker label was added to the top and around the neck of the beer with the 53 logo.

lspeakman-07 copy.jpg

The labels attached to the beer were all designed on one 12″x 18″ crack and peel sticker paper that could easily be attached to a bottle.

53 Labels


The carrier had to be redesigned into two halves to make it more cost effective during the printing process. Each template matches so that only one die-press would need to be used.


The truck and logo were edited in photoshop from photographs before being image traced in Illustrator.

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