Vampire Queen Web Ads


This was a class assignment to create two web advertisements for a made up movie. The first I choose is called a “billboard’ ad and the second is a “portrait”. I chose to do a vampire type because it would create the most visual interest in a small space, I also had a lot of fun designing the character (Queen Elizabeth inspired Vampire) and adding all the blood splatter. The vampire was created by taking a picture of someone in a “Red Queen” Halloween costume and combining different face and eyes, then the colors were changed and tears/blood splatters were added. The typeface was beveled with a drop shadow added with zero distance but a large spread so it could be read overtop of the image.

A web banner ad


Vampire image was created by combining these two royalty free images found on Flickr.


Artwork, graphic images and edited photography are copyrighted material owned by Lauren Speakman and should not be reused or sold without express permission.
Speakman Studios® the logos are trademark or registered trademarks of Lauren Speakman in the United States, other countries, or both.
Other company, product or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

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