Carolina Tiger Rescue Poster/Magnet

This is a poster/card/magnet I created for the Carolina Tiger Rescue, it had to include as many cats as possible while also including at least one image of each species of wild cat. At least half of these photos I took and edited myself with a safety spotter. Many of the images have chain link overlapping the image so hours were spent digitally removing the fence and restoring the images.


This is Collins, a Bobcat kept illegally as a pet before coming to the rescue center. It is illegal in North Carolina to own a native species, however there are no regulations regarding exotic species at this time. That’s right, your neighbor can own a lion or tiger but not a bobcat or cougar.

Original                                                       Restored


This is Roman the lion, this handsome boy is one of the star attractions at the rescue. Roman was a “pay to play” cub, where people would pay money for photograph opportunities with a cub. The problem comes after 5 months when they become too big and dangerous and are typically sold or killed. Luckily for Roman, he was rescued and visitors can see him today in Pittsboro, NC and hopefully hear is amazing roar which vibrates through the air.

Original                                                       Restored


If you’d like to visit (Pittsburg, NC) and/or donate to the rescue please visit:

All image are owned by the Carolina Tiger Rescue and can not be used, sold or edited without express permission.

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